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annabel parker Quite instructional and implanted with much useful knowledge Target Coupons
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Sharad Kohli As one of the co-chairs, I want to welcome everyone to the conference! We're thrilled to have people coming from all over the country to learn and advocate for integrative health for all! If you see me, please introduce yourself and tell me more about the work that you're doing. Networking is the best part of our conferences.
0 Replies 0 Loves Jun 18, 2018 09:13 PM
Connie Basch Be a part of the (re)building of our online toolkit. Do you have a great handout on anxiety, back pain, or a useful recipe for constipation? Bring materials to share to the conference with you on your laptop or a thumb drive and look for me (with my laptop under the peaceful world flag) at break times to share those.
0 Replies 0 Loves Jun 17, 2018 09:29 AM
Priscilla Abercrombie Hi Everyone, we are so excited to welcome you to our 8th Annual IM4US conference! It is only a week away. We look forward to seeing you and with you very safe and peaceful travels, Priscilla Abercrombie, President IM4US
0 Replies 0 Loves Jun 14, 2018 11:03 AM
Jessica Aebi Another important reminder for those who are attending the Thursday Workshops on June 21st. Sign up by Thursday, June 14th, for the best chance of securing your seat. If rooms fill up on site, preference will be given to those who signed up in advance. If the session is full and you didn't sign up in advance, you will have to choose a different workshop to attend. Classrooms at Ross Hall seat 40 people on average. If you don't sign up soon, you could lose your space!
0 Replies 0 Loves Jun 08, 2018 12:32 PM
Jessica Aebi Hello everyone! If you haven't gotten your tickets to attend the conference yet, or if you know of someone who is waiting until the last minute to purchase tickets--DON'T WAIT! The LAST DAY TO BUY TICKETS is Sunday, June 17th! The reason for this is that security at Ross Hall School of Medicine requires that we submit our attendee list at least 48 hours in advance of the event to campus security. For this reason, we have to cut off registration on Sunday, the 17th at 11:59 pm PT and WE CANNOT TAKE ON SITE REGISTRATIONS!
0 Replies 0 Loves Jun 08, 2018 12:29 PM
Janice Campbell I just got an email saying that the Thursday workshops were filling up. I've bought a ticket for Thursday only. Do I need to do anything else to assure my seat?
2 Replies 0 Loves May 31, 2018 12:38 PM
Jessica Aebi Hi Janice, yes, there's one more step! There's a survey where you can pick which Thursday Workshops you'd like to attend. See more details on our new "Attendee Checklist" page:
0 Loves Jun 08, 2018 12:25 PM
Janice Campbell Figured it out. I'll be there.
0 Loves Jun 20, 2018 10:54 AM
Tara DeMarco Thank you Jessica! Excited about the conference!
0 Replies 0 Loves May 23, 2018 10:07 AM
Thomas Schlepko Hi Everyone, Is anyone interested in sharing a room at the hotel for Thurs and Friday night? Thanks. Regards, Tom
1 Reply 0 Loves May 20, 2018 01:26 PM
Jessica Aebi Hi Tom, can you clarify if you already have a room, or are looking to room with someone who already has a room? If you have a room, is it at one of the conference hotels?
0 Loves May 22, 2018 01:40 PM
Renita Herrmann Thanks, Jessica. Looking forward to this conference!
0 Replies 0 Loves May 15, 2018 06:09 PM
Mrs. Jessica Aebi Moderator Hi everyone, thank you for joining our online conference community. This website is your one-stop shop for all conference related information and transactions. Feel free to post topics you'd like to discuss with your fellow attendees, such as conference content, roommates/rideshares, childcare, and other logistics.
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Brian Reis VERY impressed with the conference workshop signup process. Simple, user-friendly, informative. Also appreciative of your patience with my multiple questions andn prompt follow-up. GOOD WORK, Jessica!
0 Loves Jun 04, 2018 08:26 PM
Jessica Aebi Thank you, Brian, appreciate the kind words!
0 Loves Jun 08, 2018 12:33 PM

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